Florida Festival Tours, a tour planner for student trips.

Florida Festival Tours, travel company for education and fun trips.

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Step 1: You pick the city. Let us know an educational, fun or a performance trip.

Step 2: Sit back and relax while we plan a trip that everyone will enjoy!

Step 3: Pack your bags and brace yourself for "THE trip of a lifetime"!

Established in 1986, Florida Festival Tours has 26 years in the business of creating “trips of a lifetime”. Our staff has had the privilege of creating lasting memories for hundreds of thousands of students, bands, choirs, orchestras, and sports teams.

Our absolute attention to detail, terrific value and outstanding first class customer service has earned us the reputation of being the travel planner of choice for student groupsnationwide. You can rely on Florida Festival Tours to handle your group’s travel plans professionally and efficiently.

We're ready to plan your tour. We'd love to show you our outstanding customer service.

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